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Saint Charles Saints RC Flying Field

Our field is located off of MO Highway 370.
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June 13, July 11, Aug 8 - Flying Field

Sept 12, Oct 10, Nov 14, Dec Unk - Mark Twain Hobby

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Ferocious Frankie 1.50 Size Hangar 9 P-51    $800

This will make someone a beautiful warbird they can be proud of! The bare airframe and the retracts alone are well over $1,000.
All total, around $2,000 worth of stuff for the bargain price of $800.

This is the Hangar 9 ARF 1.50 size P-51 Ferocious Frankie. I switched completely over to electric before this one was finished.
I am an experienced builder so no worries on the quality of work already done.

Sorry, I know the ad says "Buyer Pays Shipping" but I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT SHIP THIS PLANE.
Once submitted you cannot go back and fix this error. Local pickup in the greater St. Louis area only.

Most, if not all, of the hard work is done. All of the control surfaces have been hinged.
Flaps are hinged with Robart point hinges. Check the pictures and you will see very little, if any hinge gap.

I can’t stand some of the cheap vacuformed plastic parts that come with many ARFs.
The pre-molded exhaust stacks were really cheap looking. This plane has custom scale exhausts
from an aftermarket kit and look light years better than the crap supplied with the kit.

In my opinion, every plane needs a pilot. But not just any pilot and certainly not those goofy looking,
frozen with a 1,000 yard stare straight ahead things you often see.
This plane has a custom Painted WWII pilot from Aces of Iron.

No cheap retracts for such a nice bird! Again, I threw away the crap mechanical retracts supplied with the kit.
I bought these from Darrel (Sierra Precision) at the Toledo show. If you know anything about retracts,
you know Sierra Precision are the very best quality. Very stout gear struts with oleo dampening action.
Note also that the struts come with very nice collars for mounting the gear doors.

Plane is equipped with an O.S. 2.00 4-stroke engine. This engine is in new condition
and has never seen a drop of fuel. The engine alone was $500!

The flying spinner seen on the nose in the picture is, if I remember correctly, a Dave Brown spinner.
The kit comes with an uncut yellow aluminum spinner and four scale Curtiss Electric cuffed prop blades.
I was going to use the yellow spinner just as a static scale spinner along with the scale prop blades.

There are a few servos mounted but they are mostly 4.8V only and all are analog servos.
I can leave them in or take them out at the buyer’s option.

Everything sold with the original kit is included with the exception of sub-standard items mentioned above.

I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT SHIP THIS PLANE. Local pickup in the greater St. Louis area only.
The only payment methods accepted is Paypal in advance of pickup or cash when picked up.

Link to specs and further information on this plane:

Link to further information on the engine:


Thunder Tiger Rare Bear    $500

I have a Thunder Tiger .60 size Rare Bear for sale. Plane is in new/un-flown condition.
Almost ready to fly. You will need a receiver and you will need a new receiver
battery pack since I am sure the one in it has gone bad.

Sorry but I absolutely cannot ship this plane. Local pickup in the metro St. Louis area only.

Payment must be either Paypal or cash.

Features of this offering:

New condition O.S. 1.60 2-stoke engine. Never seen a drop of fuel.
New Bisson Pitts style muffler.
Robart pneumatic retracts w oversized air tank.
Large upper fuse hatch.
Large hatch giving access to the tailwheel area.
Receiver switch hidden in one of the wheel wells.
Charge receptacle for the receiver battery hidden in the other wheel well.
MGA pilot figure.
Truturn spinner.

Link to the manual:

Manufacturer specs:

Specification: Wingspan: 63" (1600mm)
Length: 55.5" (1410mm)
Weight: 10.5~11 lbs (4800–5000g)
Engine: .60~ .90 2C .91~1.20 4C
Radio: 5CH Servo: 5 servos plus 1 retract servo



FMS 1700MM Corsair     $300

I have an FMS 1700MM Corsair for sale. Requires a 6 cell 5000ma lipo. This Corsair is equipped
with scale wingtip navigation lights and wing leading edge lights. I have done a few things that
I think makes the plane look a bit nicer. I can't stand the goofy looking pilots that come in these
ARFs so I have replaced the original with a nice one from Aces of Iron. I also painted the dummy engine and the prop hub.

This plane sells new for $500 so this is your chance to have one at a bargain price.

Only needs your receiver and battery pack to be ready to fly.

Local pickup only in the St. Louis metro area.

Payment must be via Paypal, U.S. Postal money order or cash.

FEATURES: (from the Motion R/C website)

Model officially licensed by Northrop Grumman
Massive 1700mm wingspan for true scale appearance and performance
25g digital metal gear servos for elevator, rudder, ailerons
17g hybrid metal gear servos flaps and steering
9g servos for gear doors
NEW FMS 2 Heavy duty rotating servoless electric retracts
Huge 85A ESC with EC5 connector and 5060-300Kv motor
New 8A internal SBEC
17" super scale 4 blade propeller with spinner
Split flaps
Retractable tail gear
Durable EPO Foam
6 Channel Radio - Select a minimum 6 channel radio from our Radio Collection
6 Channel Receiver - Select a minimum 6 channel receiver from our Receiver Collection
6 Cell 22.2V 4500 mAh Lipo Battery



Hangar 9 P-51       $600

Very nice condition Hangar 9 blue nose P-51. Loads of power and plenty fast.
Not too noticeable in the photos but on a grass field landing the right main gear hit a gopher
hole or something and tore out of the wing. Rather than try to repair the wing I replaced the
wing with a new one so the right wing is lighter color than the rest of the plane since it has seen
 less UV from the sun. No damage to the retract. No damage anywhere else on the plane.
The plane flies with a 6 cell 5000ma lipo for power. Only needs your receiver and battery pack to be ready to fly.

Local pickup only in the St. Louis metro area.

Payment must be via Paypal, U.S. Postal money order or cash.

The setup:

Rimfire 1.20 electric motor
Castle Phoenix Ice 100 amp esc
Eflite all metal electric retracts
Custom pilot from Aces of Iron

KEY FEATURES (from the website)

Features printed, flat-finish UltraCote® covering
Authentic Cripes A' Mighty 3rd scheme
Fully functioning flaps
Fully sheeted surfaces
Scale hinge lines on control surfaces
Tail wheel in scale location
Internally mounted flaps and elevator locations
Airfoiled tail surfaces
Accurate representation of the scale outline
Scale tires and hubs
Scale-shaped spinner
Removable scale antenna
Scale guns included
Plug-in wings for easy transport
Large, removable top hatch
Includes hardware for gas, glow and electric mounting options
65 in (1652.5mm)
Overall Length:
57 in (1448mm)
Wing Area:
743 sq in
Flying Weight:
9.5- 11.0 lb
Engine Size:
.60–1.20 (2-stroke), .91–1.25 (4-stroke), 20cc gas
Motor Size:
Power 60, Power 90
6-channel or greater
7 standard servos, 2 retract servos
Trim Scheme Colors:
Covering sold complete (see parts listing)
Wing Loading:
29.5 - 34.1 oz per sq ft



E-Flite Habu 32   $400

I have an E-Flite Habu 32 for sale. Add your receiver and battery and it is ready to go.
You will need a receiver and you will need a 6 cell, 5,000ma lipo battery pack. Plane is in
very good condition as can be seen in the photos. The only "damage" is a small scuffed area
on the bottom of the nose; purely cosmetic. There is a very small area on the bottom of one
of the flaps at the trailing edge where the covering shrank back a small bit
exposing a thin sliver of balsa. covering is tight and not a problem in that area.

Easily more than $1,000 dollars went into this plane!

Sorry but I absolutely cannot ship this plane. Local pickup in the metro St. Louis area only.
Payment must be either PayPal or cash.

This plane is equipped with all the JR servos that are recommended in the
manual as well as the motor and fan recommended by the manual.
Custom Pilot from Aces of Iron.
Dynamically balanced fan rotor.

Manufacturers specs:
Approximate Flight Time: 4.5 minutes
Control Throw (Ailerons): Low: 7mm Up/Down, 10% Expo; High: 8mm Up/Down, 15% Expo
Control Throw (Elevator): Low: 8mm Up/Down, 10% Expo; High: 10mm Up/Down, 5% Expo
Control Throw (Flaps): 11mm take off and cross wind landing; 25mm landing
Control Throw (Rudder): Low: 15mm Left/Right, 5% Expo; High: 20mm Left/Right, 12% Expo
Flaps: Yes
Flying Weight: 7.40 lb
Motor Size: DF 32 Brushless Motor, 2150Kv
Recommended Fuel: Electric
Retracts: Optional
Speed Control: 80-Amp brushless
Wingspan: 40.5 in (1030mm)

Here is a link to online information about this fine flying jet:






John Bouchillon 314 544 0287

UMX SBACH 342 3D new in box never flown.  Original price $139.99. 
Asking $70 but make offer.


UMX  YAK 54 180  new in box never flown.  Original price $169.99. 
Asking $80 but make offer.



George Hendrix

I have decided to sell all my RC stuff. Here is a list of what I have.
The stuff is priced at 20 cents on the dollar so the most expensive item is $395 and least expensive is $5.
Please let everyone know as I want this gone ASAP.




Below is message from Doug Sanders for weather info from Smartt Field by phone.  
Also for your information, YOU CAN use the web site for

I saved this on my PC  “Bookmarks” for easy access. 
Gives you a lot of detail plus a seven day forecast. 
Also you can see the temp and weather condition in BARROW ALASKA if you wanted to fly there. .





Very Urgently Wanted
A computer literate member to assume the duties of maintaining the Saints Website.
After 20+ enjoyable years of being your webmaster, it is getting harder and harder for me
to maintain the site.  Aging has contributed to the problems and memory has decreased. 
At some time, in the future, I will be unable to continue and without a replacement,
you will not have a web site
I know there are a lot of you that can program and maintaining a website is only
a step away.  I will continue as long as I possibility can, but getting a replacement would
be a great. Please don't wait too long.  It would be a shame to suddenly lose the Website.
This will be the only notice I will give. Don't let it suddenly slip away.



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