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Saint Charles Saints RC Flying Field

Our field is located off of MO Highway 370.
To get to our field, click on About Saints for map and GPS info.


Meeting Schedule 2018

Apr 11 - Mark Twain Hobby

May 9, June 13, July 11, Aug 8 - Flying Field

Sept 12, Oct 10, Nov 14, Dec Unk - Mark Twain Hobby

Prez Sez and the meeting minutes are available
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New to Drones. 

Check out Mark Twain Hobby and for general information,
a new link to Drones in the Links section,  Dronenerds.


Good News

Larry Bollinger is interested in adding a weather station which would give everyone info on what is
going on at the field and make it available on the web site.  The following is a version of what is possible.

If there is anyone who can help Larry with the weather station and assistance on managing the web site,
I'm sure he would welcome it and hopefully assure the club will have a continuing web site. 

Arduino Based GSM Weather Station For RC Model Flying Club


Hi, I have decided to create a blog page to help if you have a similar project in mind.
I am part of a model flying club and for years we have had to guess and hope the weather was right to fly.  

Some people have to travel a long way to find that its too windy or the wind is going the wrong way.
I have built a weather station that has wind sensors and sends the information from these sensors to a website where the other club members can see the weather conditions at the field.  There is no mains electricity or internet connection so the system has to be self sufficient.  There is a solar panel on site that runs the electric fence (animals not people) so there is a 12v supply there.


How the system works...
The main board is an Arduino Mega 2560.  I chose this bard because earlier versions of the code were too big for the Arduino UNO, although now an UNO would probably work just as well.
This Mega is the master.  Its job is to collect information from the sensors and send this over the GSM network, using the SIM900 board, to a website called dweet.io.

There is a slave Arduino, connected to the master using I2C.  This is a bit like a USB cable for machines.  The slaves's job is to calculate wind speed and send this, when asked, to the Master.  The slave also resets the Master board every 1.5 hours.  This is because I have had some issues where there are no updates being sent and this solved that somehow.

The SIM900 board is the Master's connection to the internet.  The master has to send AT commands over a virtual serial port.

The system sends an update every minute to...

This site is really just for raw information.  It all gets collected and displayed for the club members at...

Here's how its all connected...


Parts List...
Arduino Mega 2560  - eBay - 11 - 45(Clone or Genuine)
Arduino Uno - eBay - 4.50 - 15
SIM900 GSM Module - eBay - 13 - 50(China or UK Sellers)
                                       (There are a few versions of this module.  The one in the picture above 
                                        definately works with arduino.  Some other versions use a different serial 
                                        interface and don't work with arduino)
INA219 Current Sensor - eBay - 2.50 - 7 (Chia or UK)
WindSpeed Sensor N25FR - eBay - 2.50
WindDirection N96FY - eBay - 9.99
5v Power supply - eBay - 6.50 - Also hobbyking sell these
Resistors and wire

Here is a table of connections...

FUNCTION Mega Port UNO Port SIM900 Port INA219 Port
+5v 5v 5v UNO Equiv. 5v VCC
-ve GND GND UNO Equiv. GND Gnd
Sda 20 SDA A4 - Sda
Scl 21 SCL A5 - Scl
RX 10 - UNO Equiv. 7 -
TX 11 - UNO Equiv. 8 -
Wind Speed - 2 - -
Wind Direction A2      
Master Reset RESET 8 - -
Slave Reset - RESET - 9 - -
GSM Status - 6 UART - 2v8 -
GSM Power - 7 UNO Equiv. 9 -
Light Sensor 2 - - -
Status LED 3 - - -
Solar Panel + - - - Vin +
Main Battery + - - - Vin -
Ground(B-ve) GND - - -



Wiring the Wind Speed Sensor...

The wind sensor is just a reed switch that closes when the magnet passes it.  Wire it as above with a 4k7 ohm resistor or as close as you can get.  This will keep 5v on digital pin 2 on the Uno until the switch is activated and then 0v for a split second.

Wiring the Wind Direction sensor...

The wind direction sensor is made up of 8 reed switches and a magnet on the vane.  Each reed switch has a different resistor in series with it so as the magnet passes over a reed switch, it changes the resistance of the circuit.  
We then use a voltage divider to turn this resistance into a usable voltage that the main board can use.  To do this we need a resistor around 9kOhm and wired as the picture above. 


The code...
It has taken a long time to get this to where it is now.  I am not trained in writing in C and everything here is a result of extensive googling and trial and error.  If you can improve this in any way please let me know.
(Open the link and then click the download button - top right of the new page)

To open the code you will need the latest Arduino software.  Its free from here...

Once you have installed Arduino, you will need the libraries that I have used in my code installed.  This is like installing drivers on a computer.  
Here's how to do it...
Download the libraries.zip file from here... (Download button - top right of new page)

Unzip the files in the following location...
My Documents > Arduino > Libraries >

Thats it.  I would love to hear how you get on or answer your questions, just comment :)







3D Printing Work

Dan Dierking has been working with 3D Printing of objects.  He has offered
to provide the service to our members when they need objects
for their airplanes and other objects.  He sent pictures of some
or his products.  The following is his offer.

Here are some pictures as well as some information about the 3D printing that I do.
In the pictures, I have a pic of my 3D printer, a pilot, and in the parts pic, micro quad cases,
Taranis radio gimbal protectors, and a GoPro lens hood. I've been printing for a couple years.
I print mostly with PLA filament, but there are other options available like ABS, PETG,
and NYLON. I get all the items I want to print from www.thingiverse.com.

Unfortunately I don't have the ability to design parts, but the amount of parts on
thingiverse is quite large. I can print just about anything that is on thingiverse.
My print bed measures 8" wide x 8" long x 8" high. I do have the ability to
resize (larger or smaller) parts though. I can print in a variety of colors.
I currently have neon green, orange, red, purple and pink. Other colors available
are brown, black, blue, white, silver, natural, gray, yellow, and forest green.

Parts do take quite awhile to print. The filament is only 1.75mm thick and the
printer extrudes the filament .4mm thick. To print the micro quad cases for example,
it takes 13 hours to print each of the two halves.
I can print items for any of the club members. Pricing varies depending on the part.
I sell the gimbal protectors for $5 a set and the micro quad cases for $10 as examples.
Members are free to call me at 314-406-4949 or email me at 3dddman@gmail.com.





A computer literate member to assume the duties of maintaining the Saints Website.
After 20+ enjoyable years of being your webmaster, it is getting harder and harder for me
to maintain the site.  Aging has contributed to the problems and memory has decreased. 
At some time, in the future, I will be unable to continue and without a replacement,
you will not have a web site
I know there are a lot of you that can program and maintaining a website is only
a step away.  I will continue as long as I possibility can, but getting a replacement would
be a great. Please don't wait too long.  It would be a shame to suddenly lose the Website.
This will be the only notice I will give. Don't let it suddenly slip away.



Please send
any interesting information or
activities to the
Web Master and I will
put them up for every one to see. 
Let me know what you like or don't like. 
What features would you like to see added. 
What new projects you are working on.

Your input is required to keep your
web site current and interesting.